Help Us, Help Them!

We are in desperate need of regular donators £2 a month would make a huge difference to our work.
Will YOU help me?



Every single penny donated, goes toward creating a life for them.

Happiness, companionship, safety, food, water, medicine.

Any donation is appreciated to help a dog form a new beginning, to be surrounded by a family and receive the love they have never known.

Please help us, help them.

Ways You Can Support Us!

Please help in whatever and whichever way you can!

Every penny donated, goes straight toward the rehoming and rehabilitation of the dogs.

We are not for profit, we do not take a single penny.

These animals were born into a life of misery and suffering, abuse and neglect.

We are their shining light, in a world of darkness.

This would not be possible without the support of yourselves.

We thank you kindly for taking the time to read and visit.