He had never lived in a house, he was very subdued, he wasn’t comfortable with being touched. As Simba started to feel more at home he wanted to play but he also started guarding, No one could come to the house, when we took him on walks he tried to lunge at traffic.
We knew this was behaviour we had to control. His DNA results returned and he turned out to be 50% Pyrenees Mountain Dog, this explained a lot, the guarding of his pack and his love for ‘ snow bathing ‘ ! We ‘ de-sensitised ‘ him to traffic by standing on the edge of a road praising him every time he didn’t try to attack a bus He gradually came to accept visitors into the house.
We think he is probably quite old now. His super power is definitely his adorable nature, it always makes me laugh in the mornings when he lays on his side waiting for his full body massage and I remember how he used to growl if we went to touch him. Lessons learnt ? the rewards are amazing, he gives us so much love, can’t imagine life without him, rescue dogs need time and understanding.
Put yourself in their paws; you’re in a different country not understanding what anyone is saying to you, you think everyone is going to hurt you… Be patient and don’t expect immediate results. And lastly, it’s really not impossible to fit a Pyrenees Mountain dog into the back of a Vauxhall Corsa!