This is why, we do what we do.

These are lives, changed for the better.


Rescued off the streets of Romania by Cath and her family


Rescued from a kill shelter in Romania with the help of Sharon and her family


Rescued from a life on a chain in Romania with the help of Rachel


Rescued from starvation and abuse in Romania by Tom and his family 


Rescued from severe abuse by Julie and her family


"Never over look an older dog, they have no expectations but give you so much, our boy is our world, so loving with a little cheeky side."


Bella was rescued in a dreadful state from Romania by Midge and her family.  Here she is enjoying her new life.


Bernie was rescued from Turkey and had lived in shelter for over 3 years.


Reggie was abandoned by a family in Turkey in their villa garden when they left the country.  He was kept fed by his lovely neighbours who helped to rehome him.  He is now living the life with Fawzia and her family.