5 Years Old
Greek Shepherd
No History
Additional Information
Snowy is a Greek shepherd about 5 years old (estimated year of birth 2014), He is neutered, fully vaccinated and negative in all diseases (babesia, erlichia, leishmania and heartworm). Snowy now weighs 35 kg, height toe to top of head 65-70 cm. His story is one of the usual, he was found emaciated, skin and bones in the mountains near Athens, he was spotted by a volunteer and that was his lucky day...she got him to be have him neutered and then returned but his sweet, calm personality made it impossible for her to let him back in the mountains. Snowy, was in kennels since 2015 and the last 2 years he is in foster home in order for him to know how to live in a home and help us know more about him in order to find the perfect home. So here is what is Snowy's assessment, he is a very gentle, cuddly dog, he loves humans and as a typical Greek shepherd he will show it to you, he will to jump on you trying to hug you, but when you correct him he immediately stops. He is extremely clever, and he knows about commands. He has excellent behaviour with cars and walks with the lead in busy roads next to you without pulling, he gets on well with all the dogs BUT he loves individual attention at times. I copy the words of his foster mum, 'I love Snowy, the perfect house dog, anyone that has owned a dog before could take Snowy, he is easy to love, house trained and well laid back, as a typical Greek shepherd you just need to remind that he is not a boss. He is ok with all the dogs here even the puppies, I give him boundaries here in the house if he doesn't do what I want him to do when I want him to do it he has to go back outside'. So a firm owner that will give him the boundaries he needs , and then you have the perfect dog. Snowy, even though he is familiar with kitties and cats as there are in the same house, we would not suggest a home with house cats. He is ready to travel to his forever home, he is in Athens and can travel on TRACES through Greek Animal Rescue.

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