Tall Tails Bath Matt



Bath time can be a very stressful and traumatic experience for dogs often due to the bathtub's slippery surface.

The Tall Tails Wet Paws Bath Mat prevents that from happening by creating a safe environment for your pup. The mat's loofah-like surface, combined with 6 suction cups and a non-skid backing, keep the mat securely in place while giving your dog's paws a soft surface to grip onto.

The result is a stress-free bathing experience for your dog!

In addition, our Bath Mat captures your dog's hair on the surface, preventing your drain from getting clogged. Post-bath time clean up is easy as the hair can easily be clumped up and removed, making bath time easier on you, too!

Size - 100cm x 40cm dog bath mat
Designed to provide a stress-free bathing experience
Fits in standard bathtubs, flexible material allows it to fit in kitchen sink as well
Loofah-like surface texture provides non-slip environment
Large suction cups and non-ski backing ensures footing for your pup in the tub, providing comfort & security during bath time
Keeps pet hair out of drain

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