4 Years Old
Greek Shepherd Cross
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Menios, is Greek shepherd cross, weighs 65 kg and height, toe to head 75 to 80cm. Date of birth is estimated to be around 2015 so he is a 4 year old dog, who still remains puppy by nature. Menios is fully vaccinated, neutered and blood tested - negative to leishmaniasis, erlichia, babesia and heartworm. He has spent the last 2 years in kennels in Greece, and the last 3 months in a foster home. A small scale kennel with 15 dogs, for him to be socialised and know a little bit more about his personality. He would be suited to a couple or family with children 10 and above. He loves puppies, he has very tender parental instincts, he plays and cuddles them so gently and he teaches them how to behave. Because of his breed he is not happy with other male dogs, but with smaller females and pups. Menios, loves children and he is very gentle - in his previous kennels he played very well with the 5 year old daughter of his carer. He is very sociable around people, he seeks cuddles and loves to get attention. As a typical Greek shepherd he will jump on you but if you correct him he will stop and is controlled on a lead. He is a strong dog and clever so needs a firm owner with clear boundaries.

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