Help Save 3 Saints in the Chinese Meat Trade

We have now rescued three Saints Bernard from the meat trade, two girls and a boy and we have agreed to support their transport and rehoming in the UK.

These St Bernards were either bred for the rich or for meat. If not sold as a live pet, they then go to the meat trade. They were rescued along with many other dogs 11 hours from Beijing.

It is very hard for dog lovers to understand how dogs can be eaten. However it is not just that they are eaten, it is how they are farmed, kept and then killed. There are no enforced animal welfare rights in China. You can find cages outside restaurants and live meat markets and the new ‘legislation’ following Covid-19 does not stop this.  Some dogs are bred for Elixir Gaesoju.  A ‘tonic’ soup is also produced where they believe the more pain the dogs are in increases the properties and positive effects of the product.

It will cost a minimum of £3,000 each for these three Saints to leave China.

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