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Once you've brought your dog home...

Please do not let your adopted dog off the lead in an unsecured area for at least 8 weeks. Rescue dogs can bolt suddenly to sound, sudden movement, other stimulus. They have also learnt to survive by running away and are excellent escape artists so any gaps in fencing, security etc will be found out.

Many of our dogs have been starved and had to fight other animals for food. Please ensure that you feed them separately and away from human’s eating until you can establish trust that the dog will be fed regularly. We often suggest 3 feeds a day and sometimes the dog will hide food away as it would do on the streets.

Please do not leave your dog alone with anyone. Keep meeting new people to a minimum for the first 4 weeks until you have established some safety and knowledge of your new dog’s behaviour. Your dog should be on a lead when meeting new people and other animals at all times. Please do not leave your dog alone with a child under 16, a vulnerable adult or other pet.

Behavioural Advice

Helen Mcguirl (Trainer/Behaviourist CIDBT Cert) is our resident behaviourist and for Saving Saints members; offers free telephone consultations and a discounted rate if an assessment plan is conducted.

Her FB link is HSH Professional Instructor Dog Training and Behaviourist